” Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas ”

(A Building must be considered with due reference to function, structure and beauty)

Vitruvius, “De Architectura”, around 25 BC

Founded in 1993, the office focuses on architectural projects for private homes, buildings, offices, and stores. The office is also involved in real-estate initiatives, interior design and furniture design.

The head of the office is architect Anat Gay, a “Technion” graduate with honors (Cum Laude), 1993.

The office is involved in a number of current projects, including: planning residential buildings & private houses in Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv and throughout Israel, writing land use plans (“taba”), interior design and project management for offshore customers.

Architecture, to my outlook, is a “Holistic medicine” and the architectural process is comprised of understanding the client’s personal needs, not less than in esthetics, raw materials, the environment and, of course, the budget.

The process of planning focuses initially on learning the customers, their needs and dreams. The space is built around everyday needs and activities, as the customer describes to me, in our initial conversations.

The next stage is learning the space; checking the flow of air, natural light and view and using the environment for the design. I share the stages of creation with my clients and make sure to listen to their feedback during the whole process. That way, the customer is helping create his own process. My clients learn to dare and believe that through creativity, nothing is impossible.

I advise to my clients how to separate financially between what is necessary and what can be postponed to later stages, while always aspiring to reach the most productive outcome, and maximize the space’s potential.